Better Brewing (BB)

We make yeast analysis fast, easy, and affordable to help you make your best beer. Turn your smartphone or tablet into a powerful yeast cell counter and automatically analyze yeast cell concentration, viability, and budding count – all in less than a minute.

Oculyze BB - fast, easy, and affordable yeast analysis

Initial Setup

  • Oculyze yeast cell microscope with phone

    Device Compatibility for Oculyze yeast cell microscope

    See which Android mobile devices are compatible with the Oculyze Yeast Cell Counter

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  • Installing the Oculyze Better Brewing app

    To be able to use the Oculyze yeast cell counter microscope the Better Brewing app has to be installed on a compatible mobile device

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  • Oculyze better brewing app settings

    Better Brewing App settings

    The settings screen lets you adjust various individual parameters of the automatic cell counting app

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Sample preparation

  • Diluting the sample for yeast cell counting

    Before starting the measurement, the yeast sample may have to be diluted in order to reach the yeast cell counter’s optimal measurement range

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  • Staining the sample for viability test

    In order to determine the viability of the yeast, it must be stained with methylene violet or methylene blue

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  • Loading the sample chamber for the yeast cell microscope

    The diluted (and stained) yeast sample can now be loaded into the sample chamber for the yeast cell counter

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  • Preparing measurement for automated cell counting

    After the sample has been prepared, the yeast cell microscope has to be prepared for automatic cell counting

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  • Recording images with the yeast cell counter

    Capturing the images needed for the image analysis software to prepare your results

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  • Entering sample data for Better Brewing measurements

    After the images have been recorded, individual information can be entered for calculation and easier access in better brewing history

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  • Cloud analysis of yeast cell counting measurements

    After entering sample data, the images are sent to the cloud for automatic analysis

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  • Sync with server – Cloud communicating with automatic cell counting app

    The Oculyze automated cell counter app synchronizes with the Cloud

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  • Displaying better brewing yeast cell counting results

    After cloud analysis has completed, the results of the current yeast cell count are displayed for interpretation

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  • Result images for automatic cell counting

    In the result image all cells for the automatic count are marked according to the category they fall into

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  • Overview of previous yeast cell counting results

    The better brewing result history shows all previous measurements taken for automatic cell counting

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Pitch Rate Calculator

  • Pitch Rate Calculator

    The measurements from the yeast cell count can be used to calculate the amount of yeast needed for a new brewing process

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More Information

Manual Counting

  • Starting the measurement for manual yeast cell counting

    The Oculyze yeast cell counter app can also be used for manual counting of yeast cells comparable to using the hemocytometer

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  • Manual counting of the yeast cells

    After the image is captured, an additional screen will appear with a counting grid to help you with your manual counting

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  • Results screen for manual count

    Results are displayed similarly to the automatic counting method with concentration and viability

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External Camera

  • Setting up the external camera with a yeast cell microscope

    Learn how to connect the external camera to your existing yeast cell microscope

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  • Oculyze calibration

    Calibration of the microscope with the Oculyze yeast cell counting app

    In order to be able to correctly calculate the concentration, the camera must be calibrated for the used microscope and magnification

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  • Sample measurement for automatic cell counting with an external camera

    After preparing the measurement similarly to using a hemocytometer an optimally focused and lighted image should be taken

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Web App

  • Oculyze better brewing web app

    Login Page for the better brewing web app

    Via the web app all completed yeast count measurements can be accessed, edited and exported as reports

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  • Main Page of the better brewing app

    On the main page of the web app an overview of all completed measurements allows you to choose one or more measurements for review or export

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  • Single measurement details in the better brewing web app

    All information of an individual measurement can be reviewed in the yeast cell counter web app

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  • Cleaning the sample chamber

    After a measurement is complete, the sample chamber must always be cleaned immediately

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  • Cleaning the device

    In order to guarantee ideal image quality, the optics on the top of the device should be cleaned regularly

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Staining Chemicals

  • Recipe: Alkaline Methylene Violet 0.01%

    Recipe for mixing Methylene Violet (staining solution)

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  • Recipe: Alkaline Methylene Blue 0.01%

    Recipe for mixing Methylene Blue

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  • Problems during Login

    What can you do if the login doesn’t work and how to change your password

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  • Problems during sample preparation for automatic cell counting

    How to deal with air bubbles or no flow to the yeast cell counting chamber

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  • Problems during analysis

    Quick guidance with issues during analysis

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  • Oculyze bug

    Oculyze mobile app shutting down

    Find out which possible different reasons can cause the mobile yeast cell counter app to crash and how to quickly get it back up

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  • Warning messages in the yeast cell counting process

    Understand the meaning of warning messages during the measuring process of the automated cell count

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  • Support

    If you continue to encounter problems, please contact Oculyze at

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Safety, Compliance, and Disposal

  • Safety Sheet Glycine

    Safety information for Methylene Blue

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  • Safety Sheet Methylene Blue

    Safety information for Methylene Blue

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  • Safety Sheet Methylene Violet

    Safety information for Methylene Violet

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  • Disposal

    Disposal Information

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