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We make yeast analysis fast, easy, and affordable for efficient bioethanol production. Monitor yeast growth when propagating and optimize fermentation times by automatically analyzing yeast cell concentration, viability, and budding count – all in less than a minute.

Oculyze Bioethanol - fast, easy, and affordable yeast analysis

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Oculyze Bioethanol - Yeast cell concentration & viability

Yeast cell concentration & viability

The Bioethanol app assesses yeast cell concentration and viability using a sample volume equivalent to that used in a counting chamber (hemocytometer) but it is over 10x faster than manual counting.

The integration of the clumped cells separation feature guarantees exceptionally accurate results, even when non-yeast particles (e.g. corn starch) are present. Moreover, the app detects budding cells automatically and shows the count as a distinct value. The distribution of cell sizes is also depicted in a dedicated graph.

When the sample is stained with Methylene Violet, the app can additionally distinguish between viable and non-viable cells, thus determining your yeast’s viability along with the yeast concentration.

Precision Separation of Yeast Cells from Debris

Our cutting-edge AI technology sets us apart. While other cell counters struggle to distinguish between yeast cells and debris from corn and other plant materials used for fermentation, Oculyze excels in this task.

Our advanced technology goes beyond mere cell counting. It carefully sifts through the complex mixture of materials, ensuring that only yeast cells are detected, while leaving out unwanted plant debris, such as corn starch.

At every step of the process, our technology optimizes bioethanol production by delivering unmatched reliability and accuracy.

Oculyze Bioethanol - Pitch calculator

Pitch rate calculator

The Bioethanol app also contains a pitch rate calculator. This automated calculator utilizes the concentration and viability data you’ve obtained to assist you in precisely establishing the optimal pitch rate for your upcoming batch.

You have the option to input your wort volume and your target final concentration (with suggested values also available) into the calculator. Alternatively, you can provide the desired degree Plato and pitch rate.

The output will indicate the precise volume of yeast required for addition to your wort.


Oculyze Bioethanol - Fermentation tracking

Fermentation Tracking

Within the Bioethanol application, you can effectively track the progress of your fermentations through a comprehensive graph that comprises the outcomes of distinct measurements carried out for yeast concentration and yeast viability. For each fermentation cycle, you can initiate a new tracking process, and within each tracking instance, you can include as many analyses as required.

The Fermentation Tracking feature enables a comparative analysis of the fermentation evolution across different batches. This aids in achieving consistency and offers invaluable insights for optimizing the fermentation process.

You’ll also know exactly what to expect from each batch, as you’ll have determined the normal curve of fermentation, and this translates to reduced stress in adhering to production schedules and, of course, cost savings by reducing tank occupancy time.

Oculyze Bioethanol - Automated & customized documentation

Automated & customized documentation

Within the Bioethanol application, you can enhance your measurements with personalized tags and comments. This helps you to efficiently organize and categorize your outcomes, seamlessly aligning with your workflow needs.

The whole documentation process is fully automated and uploaded to our cloud system, enabling you to access your entire analysis history through the mobile app or our web app.

Furthermore, you can effortlessly export all your data in CSV format or generate custom PDF reports, providing you with versatile options to share and analyze your findings.

Oculyze Bioethanol - Reliable results, every time

Reliable results, everytime

The Bioethanol app has built in tools which make it easy to use with minimal training. The actual analysis is made by an algorithm and 100% reproducible no matter who is using the device.

Our sharpness indicator helps guide you to capture sharp images for the yeast analysis even if you have never handled a microscope before.

The app will also give you a warning if it detects any inconsistencies during the analysis due to inhomogeneous samples or when the concentration is outside of the measuring range.



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Get access to a fully functional demo account. Completely free of charge and with no commitment to purchase.

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