Image Analysis Platform (IAP)

We provide image recognition software and cloud infrastructure for data analysis and storage.

Our platform is used by hundreds of customers worldwide and is also available for partners to host or integrate their own image analysis pipeline. This can be done via our API for existing imaging solutions or with a new custom solution.

Oculyze Image Analysis Platform - IAP

Use Cases

Water Online Monitoring

We are part of the development of an online monitoring system for the microbiological status of drinking water and industrial water. In an ongoing R&D project with partners from industry and academia we are developing a system for the detection of bacteria in enriched water samples. This system will allow continuous monitoring in installations – triggering warnings as soon as specific pathogenic species are detected.

Asbestos Fibre Detection

We developed an automated detection of asbestos fibers in SEM images together with an international lab network. Images can be analyzed in parallel to the SEM scanning process. Making the analysis faster with the only limit of how many scans the SEM can produce. The cloud system can be deployed quickly over different facilities and help to increase effectiveness, throughput and comparability for laboratories all over the world.

Insect Identification

We are developing an automatic identification of commercially relevant beetles for the LTZ – Landwirtschaftliches Technologiezentrum Augustenberg, Germany. In order to protect tree health in Europe our system helps to improve the identification of potentially harmful beetles in imported goods. Images are easily recorded via our smartphone app. With our custom cloud computer vision, that bundles specific expertise, the app helps to identify insects accurately and fast.

Blood Count

Within an ongoing academic project we are supporting the adoption of our technology as a point of care device for blood counts in rural areas as well as an automated disease detection system which can be used even in lesser developed regions in the world.

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