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Better Brewing (BB)

We make yeast analysis fast, easy, and affordable to help you make your best beer. Monitor yeast growth when propagating and optimize the repitching process by automatically analyzing yeast cell concentration, viability, and budding count – all in less than a minute.

Oculyze BB - fast, easy, and affordable yeast analysis


Back East Brewing LLC – Vinny Rossin

I love how easy the device is to use it is very straightforward. I have been using a lot less yeast and the beer quality has gotten better in my opinion.

I myself recommend this to every brewer i know, its super simple and if you want to make good beer yeast management is key. I think the Oculyze should be in everyone’s budget no matter if the brewery exists or it is in planning. You get a lot for what you pay for. My cellarman never did a cell count before, after getting the Oculyze he was doing cell counts all by himself in an hour. This product is very user friendly and no matter if you brew 500 BBL’s a year or 10,000 BBL’s a year the Oculyze will definitely help you.

Stanley Park Brewing – Tristan Grady

I like the reduction in variability from brewer to brewer in readings; our counts are much more consistent and our little lifeforms seem to be happier and are making better beer as a result!

The time it takes to prepare and count a sample has decreased significantly and the comfort of knowing that we are consistent between brewers has been a blessing.

I would recommend it to any brewer that has the capability to meter their yeast for pitching. If you already have the ability to add a set amount, you should make sure that you are adding the right amount and by eliminating the “human error” factor in your yeast analysis.

Mountain Goat – Ian Morgan

What I liked most about Oculyze was its ease of use. It always comes with great results. We previously had done cell counts through a microscope on a hemocytometer. However, because each individual’s eyesight was different, it always required a readjustment of the focus, and there was always a possibility of human error.

The Oculyze device is well suited to both small and medium breweries that might not have a dedicated lab worker. Oculyze makes it easy and ‘brewer proof’ to get consistent cell and viability counts.

Off Square Brewing – Tom Klekot

The Oculyze device is easy to use, takes the human error out of the equation and also allows for untrained individuals to get their feet wet in yeast management. I have noticed better yeast health and fermentation. In addition, I am also using less yeast and therefore increasing my beer output.

I would recommend Oculyze to anyone that is looking to start or maintain a small lab with yeast management in mind. Brewers that are looking to learn about cell counting could definitely use the device as a guide.

Wayward Brewing Co – Shaun Blissett

Oculyze is incredible quick and easy to use. No lab equipment is needed, and therefore no need for expensive training.

Yeast costs have so far been reduced by about 50%, and as we change our brewhouse processes we expect this to rise. I wish I had found Oculyze on the day we opened our brewery four years ago. I would recommend Oculyze to any brewer that has an interest in re-pitching yeast and saving your brewery money!

Cerebral Brewing – Patrick Combs

Oculyze is fast and easy to use! The cell counts and viability are consistent and reliable. I will say that because the Oculyze device is so much faster than a hemacytometer count, we have saved quite a bit of time, which is incredibly valuable to us.

Most people assume building a lab program is cost prohibitive, when in reality it’s one of the most impactful things you can do to improve the quality of your products.

Brauerei Huber – Hannes Langreiter

We as a small family brewery are absolutely enthusiastic about the Oculyze system. It enables us to count the yeast quickly & economically. At the same time, we now have the opportunity to further improve our quality. The handling is easy to understand and every employee can carry out cell count measurements within a very short time.

Barrel of Monks – Bill McFee

Ease of use and reliability! This device has speeded the counting of yeast cells in our harvested slurry, which saves us in labor costs.

I think it is useful for breweries of all sizes. All breweries should be pitching yeast by cell counts and the Oculyze will make that easier and faster!

Flying Dog Brewery – Emily Bobotas

The Oculyze system is quick and easy to use! I’m happy about the time savings. It’s nice to have it save all of the data digitally as well. I would recommend it to any brewer! Big or small. It’s a great option for small breweries without microscopes/less staff. Also great for bigger breweries that want to save time and reduce human error with counts but don’t want to invest in a cellometer.

Young Henry’s – Daniel McCulloch

With the time saving of labour compared to the traditional counting method in the lab it’s a no brainer. You’ve taken out the time of a brewer counting for an hour in the lab to minutes by photos, everything is recorded and you don’t have the error of human eyes.

We are doing 7 yeast counts a day from lab to cellar props. I now even use this device in training sessions at the local brewing course.

Gabe Hopkins – Minhas Brewery (US)

The Oculyze has allowed us to streamline all our fermentation times across 3 different strains of yeast.

Beer consistency and timing has increased overall thruput of volume without adding capital expenditures.

Max Haemmerle – Philter Brewing

Using OCULYZE has really benefited Philter. It is incredibly easy and quick to use, meaning that we can do multiple yeast analyses in a short space of time. This helps us identify any issues that may arise with our yeast health quickly and accurately. Being able to pitch appropriate amounts of healthy and viable yeast obviously contributes to the quality of our beers and OCULYZE allows us an accurate picture of the yeast throughout fermentation.

Learning to use the hardware and software is simple and efficient which means even brewers with less experience using microscopes can get an accurate reading without requiring a lot of training. Having pitching calculations built into the software cuts out human error and can be cost and time saving.

The team at OCULYZE are also quick to answer any queries we may have.

Leonel Migliore – Cerveza Sura

The most interesting thing about Oculyze is that we can minimize the error when counting cells and the same when deciding if a cell is viable or not. Now the “Oculyze” criterion prevails!!

This tool also gives us agility and therefore allows us to have more information when making decisions about our next generation of yeast to use!


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