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Fermentation Wine (FW)

The Oculyze yeast cell counting kit is the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to analyze your yeast. You get complete control over the entire fermentation process, which allows you to intervene in time to prevent serious and costly issues such as stuck fermentation.

With Oculyze, propagating wine yeast to reduce your production costs becomes an uncomplicated and fully controllable process, as you can monitor the yeast growth and check the cell concentration and viability of your yeast in no time.

Oculyze FW - control fermentation of your wine

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Oculyze Fermentation Wine - Yeast cell concentration & viability

Yeast cell concentration & viability

The Fermentation Wine (FW) app analyzes the same sample volume as in a counting chamber (hemocytometer) but is at least 10x faster.

With the integrated separation of clumped cells we can ensure absolute accurate results. Budding cells are also automatically identified and provided as a separate value. A specific graph will show you the distribution of cell sizes.

When using a sample stained with Methylene Violet, the app can also differentiate between living and dead yeast cells to determine your yeast’s viability together with your yeast concentration.

Oculyze Fermentation Wine - Fermentation Assistant

Fermentation Assistant

The Fermentation Wine (FW) app offers a Fermentation Assistant which helps you to quickly evaluate the progress of the fermentation.

The Fermentation Assistant will warn you if the yeast growth is insufficient, the sugar consumption is too slow, or if the yeast concentration is declining too quickly.

Oculyze Fermentation Wine - Automated & customized documentation

Automated & customized documentation

With the Fermentation Wine (FW) app you can track your entire fermentation in one place. Document all important information for each fermentation such as grape variety, yeast strain, nutrients, additives, etc. and add sugar content and temperature to each measurement.

The entire documentation will be generated automatically and uploaded to our cloud system. This enables you to check all your fermentations via the mobile app or with our web app at any time, from anywhere.

Using our web app will also allow you to export all your data in a CSV file or generate custom reports as a PDF document.

Oculyze Fermentation Wine - Reliable results, every time

Reliable results, everytime

The Fermentation Wine (FW) app has built in tools which make it easy to use with minimal training. The actual analysis is made by an algorithm and 100% reproducible no matter who is using the device.

Our sharpness indicator helps guide you to capture sharp images for the yeast analysis even if you have never handled a microscope before.

The app will also give you a warning if it detects any inconsistencies during the analysis due to inhomogeneous samples or when the concentration is outside of the measuring range.

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