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Smart Colony Counting

Enhance your product offering by providing your customers with an automated analysis for pre-poured agar plates, which eliminates the need for laborious manual counting! The automated counter developed by Oculyze can count colonies with high accuracy and speed, using only an uploaded image of a Petri dish.


Automated colony counting

Counting colonies by hand, while seemingly practical, is tedious and error-prone. The Oculyze image analysis is already tailored to the specific type of plate to be analyzed and does not require any settings or calibration to be made by the user.

The results of the colony counting are 100% reproducible, with no inter-operator variance and the user can easily visually check the accuracy of the automated counting.

Easy access QR code process

Each pre-poured plate comes with a QR code that, upon scanning, loads the Web App with image recognition already tailored to that specific type of plate. This makes the process extremely simple, fast, and efficient.


Additional admin interface possible

Optionally, further enhancements to the admin interface for QC Managers and Supervisors are possible, such as:

  • Global remote access to all analysis details (restricted to authorized personnel);
  • Automated documentation, including custom reports and analyses;
  • LIMS integration, to centralize all data and keep all systems in sync;
  • Automated Meta-Analysis possible to flag data for review, for trend recognition, etc.

Try it out

Test out Colony Counter! Completely free of charge and with no commitment to purchase.

Please note that the recognition provided here is solely for demonstration purposes and may not accurately represent the performance of our product. Our customers receive customized recognitions tailored to their specific needs, which ensures high levels of accuracy for their plates.

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Additional Information

Image Analysis Platform (IAP)

We provide image recognition software and cloud infrastructure for data analysis and storage.

Oculyze Use Cases

Our platform is used by hundreds of customers worldwide and is also available for partners to host or integrate their own image analysis pipeline.

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