Better Brewing (BB)

We make yeast analysis fast, easy, and affordable to help you make your best beer. Turn your smartphone or tablet into a powerful yeast cell counter and automatically analyze yeast cell concentration, viability, and budding count – all in less than a minute.

Oculyze BB - fast, easy, and affordable yeast analysis

How it works

10x faster than manual counting

Zero expert knowledge needed

More accurate than human counting

Oculyze Better Brewing yeast analysis step 1 - Load the sample chamber

Step #1

Load the sample chamber with your diluted and stained yeast and put the chamber into the microscope.

Oculyze Better Brewing yeast analysis step 2 - Connect the microscope

Step #2

Connect the microscope with your mobile device and open the Oculyze app.

Oculyze Better Brewing yeast analysis step 3 - Take five images

Step #3

Take five images moving the sample chamber into its predefined positions.

Oculyze Better Brewing yeast analysis step 4 - Review analysis results

Step #4

Review analysis results directly in the app and calculate your required pitch rate.

Demo Video

A short demonstration of how to use Oculyze Yeast Cell Counter. Get to know the basics and how easy it can be to check your yeast concentration and viability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Information

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