Yeast cell counter market analysis

Market analysis: Cell counters used for yeast cell counting

When we started Oculyze, we researched what cell counters were available on the market. We looked at the Chemometec Nucleocounter, Aber Countstar, Nexcelom Cellometer and ThermoFischer Countess. None of them were harnessing the availability of cloud based image recognition technology and taking advantage of affordable hand held devices. Furthermore, many of them use one way plastic counting chambers that are expensive and bad for the environment. Based on the research we figured we could build a better yeast cell counter, for a better price using cloud technology and handheld devices. Corning recently launched their own cloud based cell counter, that on top of hundreds of customers worldwide is another proof that we are on the right track.

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    The market research summarizes the market information we, Oculyze GmbH, were able to gather from publicly available sources and/or quotes sent to us. We share this information with you to give you an overview of the cell counters in the market and save you time while doing your due diligence prior to purchasing a device. We provide this information to the best of our knowledge and in good faith. This overview should not replace your own due diligence as we cannot warrant the information is always up to date and prices may change depending on your location or other factors like the size of your organization etc.

    We take no responsibility for any and all decisions made on the basis of this market analysis.

    If you find information that would be useful in updating this market research please share it with us by e-mail to

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