About Oculyze

At Oculyze we developed an artificial intelligence to analyze a variety of microscope images to speed up tedious lab work. And we made it so simple that the analysis can be performed by almost everyone, regardless of their profession.

Our technology uses pattern recognition with deep learning, so each of our apps delivers results comparable to an expert with 20+ years of experience. And it just keeps getting better with every analysis.

Oculyze Image Analysis Platform - IAP

Our Story

Founded in 2016

40+ Countries

  • November 2016

    Launch of Better Brewing App and Microscope BB 1.0

  • November 2018

    Launch of Better Brewing App and Microscope BB 2.0

  • September 2019

    Launch of Fermentation Wine App and Microscope FW

  • July 2020

    Launch of Fermentation Wine Assistant Feature FW-A

  • March 2021

    Launch of Monitoring Uterine Health App and Microscope MUH

Our Team

  • Dr. Katja Schulze

    CSO & co-CEO
  • Dr. Ulrich M. Tillich

    CTO & co-CEO
  • Michael Johannes

  • Lakmal Nirangana

    DevOps Engineer
  • Berner Panti

    Computer Vision Engineer
  • Tina Plettner

    Success Manager
  • Juliane Pfeil

    PhD Student
  • Cristina Tarziu

    B2B Content & Inbound Marketing Manager
  • Leonardo Lomeli

    Sales Representative

Our Investors

Constantia New Business (CNB) invests in dynamic, innovative companies across Europe. CNB acts as a long term companion supporting very actively in sales and marketing as well as other functional areas.

Brandenburg Kapital acts as a Venture Capital Investor in the federal state of Brandenburg and finances SME’s with seed and growth capital. It supports its portfolio companies and coinvestors as a reliable financing partner with longtime experience, commitment and dedication as well as a comprehensive network.

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