Method Comparison

Comparison of different yeast cell counting method

The VLB Berlin was commissioned as an external and independent institute for a system validation to demonstrate the correct functionality of the Oculyze counting system. The following analysis were performed:

Determination of cell concentration and viability of different brewer’s yeast strains using the following methods:

– Oculyze System
– Manual evaluation with the Thoma chamber at a microscope by staff with appropriate expertise
– Another automated system, that is designed for the determination of the cell concentration and the live/dead ratio of brewer’s yeast: NucleoCounter YC-100

Analysis of at least three different brewer’s yeast strains; each in three different batches

Analysis of all yeast strains and batches in watery solution and wort. Measurements within wort where done to evaluate the influence of turbid particles on the analysis of cell concentration.

Each batch of the yeast populations was analysed with the respective systems three times.


If you are considering doing a similar comparison please read the following to know how they tested it.

You can read the full validation here.

A few important things to note when doing a similar test comparison:

1) To make a statistically valid analysis each sample must be analysed with each system at least three times
2) Make sure you are treating each sample in the same way. Points to consider:
→ at what point you’re splitting the sample
→ when and where was the sample taken from
→ what are the incubation times (when testing with methylene blue – after 15 mins in a methylene blue solution the cells start to die, so you have to do the tests in parallel)
→ always empty the chamber and clean it
→ make sure the sample is homogeneous (shake it)
→ if you’re using a thoma chamber – make sure the numbers of squares is consistent with the Oculyze system – one photo taken with the Oculyze system is roughly equal to one square on the thoma chamber

If you have any questions during the comparison process – please consult our team of experts at [email protected]

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