Yeast Cost Calculator

How much is dry yeast costing me?

How many hectoliters do you brew per year? If you use dry yeast for your beer you are probably paying around €0.15 per gram. With a recommended dosage of between 50-80 g per hL, that can add up to anywhere between €7.5-€12 per hL.

How can I save on yeast?

Breweries that want to survive long term will have to consistently deliver quality beer. Therefore, it is imperative to monitor your yeast concentration and yeast viability. This will allow you to reuse your yeast up to 8 times. After a brewing batch you can asses your yeast viability and use it for the next batch. You will also be able to propagate your own strains and use them to inoculate all of your brews.

Every time you reuse your yeast, you can save per hL per year!

Let’s talk more about yeast monitoring!

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Contact us to save on yeast costs!

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