Better Brewing App settings

The button at the top left of the start page gives you access to the app settings screen. The settings screen lets you adjust various parameters of the app:

  • Switch between languages
  • Change the amount of images per measurement (5 recommended)
  • Switch between Methylene Violet (MV) and Methylene Blue (MB) staining for yeast viability analysis – you will see a violet or blue pipette icon – select the one you wish to use. The results of the viability measurements are also displayed in the corresponding color.
  • Select the analyzed cell size (S, M, L, ALL)

The following cell sizes apply to the individual classes:
S (~ 2 – 12µm) Detects small and medium-sized cells.
M (~ 4 – 12µm) Standard option for medium cell sizes.
L (~ 4 – 18µm) Also detects larger cells.
ALL (~ 2 – 18µm) Detects cells of all sizes.

  • Change the height of the sample chamber in use – the selected chamber height has to correspond to the chamber in use! For the premium glass slides a height of 0.25 must be selected. For the standard slide, the correct height is etched into your slide (either 0.1, 0.2 or 0.8).
  • Switch to external camera
  • On / Off switch for the sharpness indicator which is visible during the image taking process on the bottom left hand side
  • On / Off switch for Manual Counting
  • On / Off switch for the analysis of the Brettanomyces concentration (test phase)
  • After activating this function the button Brett Concentration appears in the start screen. No changes in the measurement process are necessary. A modified image recognition, which is still in the test phase, is used for the analysis.
  • View Legal Notes
  • View Privacy Policy
  • Logout from the App

Oculyze App settings

To start measuring, choose the correct settings for your individual sample. Next, see how to prepare your sample.

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