Problems during analysis

A dark spot can be seen on the live image

If you can consistently see a dark spot, even when the sample chamber is moved, the optics of the device are probably dirty. Please clean the device.

Data is not uploaded

The app automatically checks the quality of the data network. If it detects no connection, or one of insufficient quality, the message “Waiting for a better network connection” will appear. The data for analysis will not be uploaded to the server until a better connection can be established. In this case, please check your Internet connection.

If there is an error during the transfer of data (e.g. because the network experienced a short outage), the message “Network error. Please resend your analysis” will appear. By pressing the „Retry“ button, you can resend the request to the server.

Results concentration is outside of the recommended area

Should the images captured have more or less cells than the recommended 5-100 cells per image, this can reduce the accuracy of the measurement. The dilution of the sample should be adjusted before repeating the analysis.

Many cells are not correctly recognized

This may occur for several reasons:

  • The cells were not focused properly, before images were recorded.
  • The optics and/or the camera is dirty.
  • The yeast in the sample chamber was not allowed to settle for at least 1 minute after loading.
  • The sample chamber was not properly cleaned after a previous analysis.

If you need further assistance, please contact us at [email protected].

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