Displaying better brewing yeast cell counting results

After cloud analysis has completed, a results screen is loaded.

This is divided into:

  • Sample name
  • Details – Shows and hides information about dilution, date & tag-label pair
  • Concentration (green circle) – Indicates the calculated total cell number of the sample in million cells / ml. The concentration displayed refers to the undiluted sample. The information on dilution and mixing provided by the user are factored in during calculation.
  • Viability (violet / blue circle) – Indicates the determined proportion of living cells in % of the total number of cells in the sample.
  • Budding cells (yellow circle) – Indicates the determined proportion of budding cells in % of the total number of cells in the sample.
  • Arrow on the green circle – Starts the Yeast Calculator.
  • Comment – Displays entered comments.
  • Warning messages – Appear when cell numbers in the images are not optimal.
  • Histogram – Displays the distribution of cell sizes in the sample. The green bars correspond to the living and the purple / blue bars to the dead cells. Overall larger cells indicate an older yeast population, as the cells grow larger with each budding (splitting).

The following video further explains the results:

On the bottom of the page the result images are displayed.

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