Staining the sample for viability test

In order to determine the viability of the yeast, it must be stained with methylene violet or methylene blue.

Methylene violet staining is recommended as the best method for brewer’s yeast. But methylene blue is also supported in our app. Please make sure to choose the correct setting.

Caution: Methylene violet and methylene blue solutions are poisonous when ingested.

Please consult the safety information for methylene violet and methylene blue for more information.

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In order to stain the sample, the sample must be mixed with the staining solution. 10ml of prepared methylene violet coloring solution are included with the delivery. Most types of yeast show the best results when mixed at ratios in the area of 1:1 – 1:5. We recommend a 1:1 mixture for most yeast strains.

A 1:4 mixture, for example, means that there are 5 parts in total, of which one part is the coloring agent and four parts are from the sample.

For the mixture, the sample is first added to a reaction container, with the coloring agent added afterwards. After a staining time of 5 minutes, you can start measuring.

The following video illustrates the sample staining in detail.


Now your sample is ready to be loaded into the chamber.

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