Automatic yeast cell counter

Oculyze’s automated yeast cell counter – Accuracy and time-savings

Faster and more accurate results with automated cell counters

Oculyze’s automated yeast cell counter consists of

  • a digital camera to obtain the images
  • a specialized software to do the analysis

The importance of yeast management cannot be overstated in wine and beer making. Knowing how many live yeast cells are working for you is essential for a healthy fermentation and consistent quality of the beverages. Meticulous yeast management can also help in reducing fermentation times and bringing financial benefits.

Cells are typically counted by using a microscope and a hemocytometer. The modern imaging technology has enabled the automation of cell counting. That can provide more accurate and reliable results with far less time and effort. Automated cell counting instruments are able to analyze a huge number of samples in as little as a few seconds.

Benefits of Oculyze’s automated cell counter

Automated cell counters eliminate errors

– Manual counting is subject to user-to-user variability such as determining which objects to include and exclude in the cell count and which cells to count as live. That may lead to false results. Oculyze’s automated cell counter minimizes variability and thus enables consistent results. Even clumped cells are not a problem for an automated cell counter as the advanced counting algorithms automatically identify budding cells and provide them as a separate value.

Automated cell counter gives faster results

– Manual counting with a clicker is labour-intensive and time-consuming. It normally takes up to 6 minutes to get a result manually. Oculyze’s automated cell counter gives a concentration and viability analysis 10 times faster – in less than one minute. Therefore, switching to automated cell counting liberates resources for other tasks.

Automated cell counter is easy to use

– With Oculyze’s cell counter you won’t need external laboratories, as the counter can be used on-site. The data management system allows an easy access to all results and analysis history. No special expertise or training is required.

Automated cell counter allows access to results from anywhere

– Once the counting is done, the automated cell counter enables the analysis from any connected device. As all measuring history is stored in the web app, you can track your yeast over time from anywhere, anytime.

For more information on how you can improve your operation with our automated cell counters, read more at Oculyze FW and Oculyze BB, or drop us a line at or ask for a quote!

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