Image recognition software

Image recognition software enables a computer powered camera to see images like a human eye would see them. In order to do so, it relies on artificial intelligence – computer vision and image recognition.

What does Image recognition mean?

Image recognition gives a machine the ability to interpret the input that it receives through computer vision. It is an ability to identify and detect objects in a digital image or video.

More than just seeing, it makes it possible to categorize what it sees.

Image recognition technology works by detecting and processing the areas that contain the most information – pixels – about the object in question. It compares that information with all the other information it has seen and is then able to analyze the image.

An image recognition algorithm, known as an image classifier, is used in the process. It is taught to separate valuable information from unavailing information in an image. The algorithm takes image as an input and outputs what information the image contains.

Teaching artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence cannot do its job unless it has been taught what it’s ought to do.

In image recognition AI is taught by showing it a large number of pre-labeled images with guided computer learning. By processing those images, AI learns which attributes link and which do not link with the particular object.

With the help of this information, the system learns to map out patterns in other images that are displayed to it as a part of the learning process.

These kinds of artificial intelligence tests help the software to deeply understand the patterns and quickly tag hundreds of thousands of images.

Using Image recognition software in business

With the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision technologies, Image recognition software makes a simple smartphone camera a powerful tool. It enables it to capture, process, and analyze images that you show it.

By automating expert image analysis with software, it is possible to radically improve the performance and obtain laboratory-level expertise in every distillery and winery.

How could your business adopt our image recognition software to your use? Read more from our technology page, or drop us a message at [email protected]!

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