Fermentation lab – the new old practice

Accurate cell counts and yeast viability

Knowledge of accurate cell count and yeast viability is vital in achieving consistent fermentation and quality products. It is reasonable to say that five minutes in the lab can be more important than five days in the field.

Counting yeast cells, as well as the proportion of dead or dying cells, is an old technique that beer makers have used for over 100 years. Those two parameters help predict the health of the fermentation process and avoid problems such as stuck fermentation.

A basic fermentation lab procedure involves collecting a yeast sample and diluting it to a proper cell concentration. Cells are then stained. Viable and dead cells can be seen and calculated with the help of a simple clicker.

If carried out manually, this fermentation lab method is very time consuming and prone to human errors. The classic devices are most suitable for laboratory use, as they are expensive and demand expertise.

Modern fermentation lab is available for all

The Oculyze fermentation lab is a microscope that, in connection with a smartphone, can take pictures of the diluted yeast sample and automatically evaluate it. It enables a quick and accurate yeast cell count during fermentation. In addition, staining can be used to differentiate living and dead yeast cells.

This modern fermentation lab method makes yeast cell counting available to every wine and beer maker. No expensive laboratory equipment or special expertise is necessary.

The method is made possible by a cloud-based analysis of the microscope images. The enlarged images of the must are transferred to the company’s server via an app and analyzed there in seconds. The speed of the analyze is only limited by the speed of the internet connection. When using a standard household WiFi network, the analysis arrives on the smartphone in a few seconds.

Smartphone + hardware = fermentation lab

The Oculyze Fermentation Wine and Better Brewing include everything you need for your own fermentation lab:

– the yeast cell counting microscope

– measuring cylinder

– methylene violet

– pasteur pipettes

– reaction containers

– cleaning cotton swabs

– sample chambers

– plastic syringes

– bellows


A smart, technology-driven solution to the age-old problem of manual yeast counting is now available to you!


The Oculyze fermentation lab procedure is simple:

– Dilute and stain your sample

– Load the chamber

– Connect the microscope to your compatible smartphone

– Place the chamber under the microscope

– Focus and take the image

– Wait for the analysis, it will normally take less than a minute

– Review the results.


Want to know how your operation could benefit from our Oculyze FW or Oculyze BB solutions? Drop us a line at sales@oculyze.net or ask for a quote!

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