Oculyze System Admin Account

Oculyze System Web App

  • Allows an admin user to access the data of their remote Oculyze devices from any browser
  • This feature is included in premium package

Features Oculyze web app:

Are you responsible for several locations? Or is the operation too large for you to manage everything yourself? Are people joining and leaving in ever shorter time frames? Are you afraid the counting know how will leave with them? The admin account was created with consultants, large breweries, yeast manufacturers and large wineries in mind.


It is that time of season. The must is in the fermenter and all your clients need your help at the same time. From a distance it is hard to tell which winery needs your help the most. With Oculyze you can have your client perform a yeast concentration and viability measurement as the first step and look at the result without leaving your office. With this result you can provide initial advice and know what to expect once you get there- if you even need to go.

Large brewery

There is a lot of beer in those tanks! People are relying on you to make sure the beer is great. You are relying on your team to perform regular yeast analyses – sometimes even in separate locations. With the admin account you review their analyses, provide guidance and feedback before an issue arises.

Yeast manufacturer

How often have you heard a customer with a sluggish fermentation blame your yeast for it? With Oculyze your customer can monitor the fermentation from start to finish and detect challenges in fermentation early. At the same time you can see that the yeast is doing what it should.

Large winery

It is crush and crunch time. The work of the entire year is in those fermenters. Can you check each of them yourself or are you relying on people to help you to prevent a stuck fermentation? Are the tanks even in different locations? The admin account allows you to check in with your staff in several locations and provide guidance and feedback.

Any questions?
Contact sales@oculyze.net

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