Custom Medical Image Analysis Solutions

Custom medical image analysis solutions are the next step in medical imaging software. In a world where so many people seem terrified of AI, and where we may need to have real concerns, medical imaging is one area where AI can be incredibly helpful. Artificial intelligence has a real chance to save lives and prevent illness. And now, you can customize software to your specific needs.

What Is Medical Image Analysis Software?

Once upon a time, when humans were first studying bacteria, we had to do it with what today would be considered archaic microscopes. Microbiology remained in its infancy for decades before we began studying human tissue, blood cells, and more under those lenses.

Then, we were given new opportunities with X-Ray machines, where we could look inside the human body without having to actually go inside.

Still, with all of this technology and our capacity to examine, evaluate, and understand the human body growing, we still had to deal with the problem of human error.

Science is slow, and humans are fallible.

Spots on scans could be missed, blood could be misdiagnosed, and tissue could be misread.

AI Saves the Day

Fortunately, artificial intelligence has the ability to overcome all of that.

Not only can computer engineers now design software that can accurately read images of scans, blood, and human tissue, among other things, but they can also design those software systems to continue to learn.

This means that every single time there is an error, and there are already fewer than we ever experienced with human engagement, the machines learn from their mistakes and are that much less likely to make those same errors again.

This type of machine learning is a medical marvel. It is revolutionary.

Thus, to be clear, medical image analysis software is a system that can accurately read medical images using artificial intelligence.

These types of systems are designed to read X-Ray, MRI, ultrasound, PET and CT scans, blood analysis, tissue analysis, and anything else you can imagine can be turned into an image and read.

What humans have been doing now for almost two hundred years, and what typically takes humans hours and multiple sets of eyes to read and understand, not to mention years of education and training, can now be done by a machine in a matter of minutes, if not seconds.

What Are the Medical Imaging Software Solutions?

This new reality means that cancer cells can be detected in moments and provide results to real live patients in need. Before AI, these results would take days or weeks.

Tumors, broken bones, and irregularities in organs like the heart, lungs, and eyes can be recognized and identified now with an acute vision far beyond what any human is capable of producing.

Disease and illness can now be more accurately diagnosed, and doctors can recommend treatments tailored to a specific patient’s specific needs and desired outcomes.

And all it takes is software that can be downloaded to virtually any computer in virtually any location with a good internet connection.

What Problems Arise with Medical Image Analysis?

Of course, there are problems. There will always be problems with anything new and evolving.

As of right now, the problems with medical image analysis lies in inferior design. Some systems, of course, will be better than others.

There are bound to be companies that shortchange their budgets, cut corners, and put software on the market that is affordable but inaccurate. The readings will misdiagnose, miscalculate, and misread.

Medical Image Analysis Companies

There are dozens of medical image analysis companies currently on the market, and undoubtedly within the next few years there will be hundreds.

And most of these companies create excellent, competitive products.

The thing to remember with these companies, however, is that most of them are also highly specialized. Their software will read ultrasounds or PET scans, not both. They will read blood analysis or tissue analysis, not both.

So, when you’re looking for a medical image analysis company, be sure you know exactly what you need and that the company specializes in that area.

Custom Medical Image Analysis Software

Alternatively, you could choose a company that customizes their base software to your needs.

Oculyze is one such company. Some of the applications are already designed for specific use, like uterine health monitoring or blood analysis. But clinics can also work with consultants and engineers at Oculyze to design software specifically aimed at analyzing your images, whatever they may be.

And because the foundation has already been laid in the design of so many other use cases of the Oculyze Image Analysis Platforms, a custom design, which is building on that strong foundation, will not take long to produce and deliver.

Then, you’ll know your software is both highly targeted and highly accurate.

What more could you want in medical image analysis software?

About the Oculyze Image Analysis Platform

The German software company Oculyze has automated expert image analysis combining methodical pattern recognition with AI and deep learning to create some of the best computer vision software available out there. This technology powers the Oculyze Yeast Cell Counters (BB and FW), used by breweries, wineries and bioethanol producers from all around the world, and the Oculyze Colony Counter, which can count colonies with high accuracy and speed, using only an uploaded image of a Petri dish.

The technology is also being utilized for several other use cases, currently in various stages of development, including from the medical field:

  • Monitoring Uterine Health
  • Blood Vessel Characterization in Eyes
  • Disk Diffusion Test Results Analyzer
  • Counting Cells in Suspension Cultures
  • Blood Count

The truth is there really is no end to what this technology can do, and we can expand and customize our IAP to fit your specific medical needs. Also, there is no need to start from scratch if you have a solution that works already. Our customized image recognition software can be fully integrated into your existing software due to the open nature of our API.

Find out more about our technology on our IAP page and if you also need a solution to save work hours and improve the accuracy of your results, contact us and we’ll be happy to find out the details of your specific needs and find a solution to attend to them.

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