Best Pattern Recognition Software

Pattern recognition software is changing the world as we know it. It is saving lives and breaking ground in medicine, saving time and money across industries, and even making people money in various economic pursuits. Thus, discovering the best pattern recognition software on the market can go a long way toward saving and/or making money for anyone in business.

Pattern Recognition versus Image Recognition

First, let’s clear up a common point of confusion – the difference between pattern recognition and image recognition.

Pattern recognition is the ability to recognize, understand, and leverage recognition to enable success. Examples of this come from early humanity – like the ability to recognize seasonal and weather patterns – and modern technology – like the skill some have for accurately predicting market changes.

Image recognition is the ability to recognize something you have already seen and therefore benefit from its recognition. Examples of this come from early humanity as well – like the ability to recognize a poisonous berry so you can avoid eating it – and modern technology – like the ability to measure colonies on an agar plate.

Both are tremendously helpful to humans today and are often used in conjunction with each other, particularly in the sciences. For this reason, the two terms are commonly used interchangeably.

Pattern Recognition, Image Recognition, and Machine Learning

Thanks to the advent of the computer, humans have been able to train machines to both recognize patterns and recognize images to the benefit of dozens of industries.

For investors, apps are now available that will accurately predict stocks and market changes in ways that would take a human years if not a lifetime of study to do.

For scientists, apps have been designed to count colonies, to identify bacteria and viruses, and to monitor systems for the presence of foreign entities.

Thus, where we once relied on the human eye and the human brain, we can now all but guarantee against human error with the use of big data and machine learning.

Pattern Recognition Technologies

Several pattern recognition technologies have been developed to help businesses and organizations avoid human error and get the data and information they need.


Software that can read and identify textual patterns would include plagiarism software or a search engine. Google is perhaps the best example. All you have to do is type in a series of words in the search bar and you will get hundreds if not thousands of websites returned with your entered text or something close.


The best example of pattern recognition in terms of imaging would be facial recognition software that allows us to streamline experiences like doctor’s visits and travel and provides a measure of security for our private spaces like our financial accounts.


Pattern recognition software that picks up sounds can help us identify noises made in nature, by various machines, and even in our own biology, like a baby’s heartbeat on a sonogram.

These types of technologies are all grounded in one of three types of pattern recognition:


Statistical pattern recognition uses math and algorithms to identify patterns among vast sets of data.


Structural pattern recognition builds on statistical pattern recognition by identifying relationships among patterns in datasets.

Syntactic or Neural

In syntactic pattern recognition, the model goes still deeper to form conclusions and classify datasets identified by statistical or structural pattern recognition, or both.

Best Pattern Recognition Software

In the end, a firm understanding of pattern recognition software and image recognition software is essential to millions of people in various industries where machine learning and big data are at play. This technology affects our lives every day, and it can have massive implications in our society in both small and quite large ways.

Learning more about these softwares and familiarizing yourself with them in your industry can save you time, money, energy, which in turn can help you be more successful at your work.

Ultimately, though, the best pattern recognition software or image recognition software for you will be based on your specific industry, need, and ability.

The Oculyze image analysis technology combines methodical pattern recognition with artificial intelligence and deep learning, allowing us to develop more robust systems with less data than with deep learning alone.

Our first algorithms were specifically trained to count yeast cells in very challenging situations (high concentrations, in clusters and mixed with other particles). By watching thousands of these images and counting the cells in them over and over again the algorithms learned what a live and a dead cell is and how many cells are actually in a specific cluster. The algorithms were helped by traditional image pre-processing taken from traditional pattern recognition techniques.

We automate expert image analysis combining methodical pattern recognition with artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning to create some of the best computer vision software money can buy.

This base technology, used in the Oculyze yeast cell counters, Better Brewing and Fermentation Wine, has convinced hundreds of yeast labs, breweries and wineries of all sizes around the world. We’re currently working on several other use cases, from insect identification to colony counting, blood vessel characterization microalgae cell count and water online monitoring.

Regardless of your use case and specific needs, contact us and we will immediately start working on providing you with a turnkey solution, building and integrating all three of the following components into our deliverables:

  • Oculyze Image Analysis Platform for user authentication, task handling, data storage and backup;
  • Custom image analysis and recognition software for your application;
  • Image capture software developed by Oculyze. Our software can be used either with the Oculyze Mobile Microscopes or with your existing device.
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