Tracking fermentation

The following video shows a summary overview of how fermentations can be monitored with the Oculyze FW system.

Starting a new fermentation

In addition to single measurements, it is possible to group measurements in one fermentation. Each barrel/tank/batch should be its own fermentation, this allows you to easily track how each fermentation is doing. Pressing the New Fermentation button on the start screen will open a screen where the most important data concerning this particular fermentation can be added. The following entries are required:

  • Name – Name of the fermentation
  • Sugar unit – Indicates the unit used to determine the sugar content. The sugar unit has to be set before the fermentation is created and cannot be changed for ongoing fermentations. The unit can be changed in the App Settings.

Information for better documentation can be noted in the following fields. These are optional:

  • Tank
  • Grape Variety
  • Vineyard / Source
  • Tank volume
  • Yeast brand
  • Yeast strain
  • Nutrients at inoculation
  • Additives at inoculation

Adding Measurements

After a new fermentation was created, measurements can be added to it. Select the Ongoing Fermentations option in the start screen. Then an overview of all ongoing fermentations opens.

With the Plus symbol a measurement can be started for a fermentation. A menu appears to select whether viability & concentration or concentration should be determined. After selecting the desired option, the recording of images for an analysis starts. The yeast analysis is the same as for a single measurement. Individual results are displayed accordingly (see Displaying results). The back button takes you back to an overview of all ongoing fermentations.

The Symbol “green flag” allows you to end fermentations once they are finished and you do not want to add any more measurements. Note that this step cannot be undone. You should be sure that you do not want to add more measurements before finalizing it.

The Symbol “red trash” can allows you to delete newly created fermentations. This is only possible before the first measurement is added.

Fermentation details

Clicking the name of a fermentation opens an overview that summarizes all existing data. It shows the details that were entered when creating the fermentation. Furthermore, a graph

summarizes the data of all existing measurements:

  • Red graph – Total cell number in millions / ml (axis on the left)
  • Violet graph – Viable cell count in millions / ml (axis on the left, labeling of the individual data points in % of the total cell count)
  • Black graph – Sugar content in the selected unit (axis on the right side)

All measurements are shown in relation to each other over time. The lower axis dynamically indicates the days after the start of fermentation

By clicking on individual points on the graph, a single measurement is selected and the name is displayed below the graph. You can navigate between different measurements using the arrows next to the name. A single measurement can be deactivated with the slider Measurement is active and is then no longer used to draw the graph.

By double clicking on individual points of the graph or clicking on the name, the result screen of that individual measurement is shown. Swiping left / right or the numbered menu above the measurements can be used to switch between the individual measurements. Deactivated measurements are shown with a light gray background.

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