What Is High Pattern Recognition?

In a world where humans constantly feel like they are being replaced by machines, it is important to recognize where in machine learning and artificial intelligence humans fit and where machines can actually do us a service. Into this discussion naturally falls the question, “what is high pattern recognition?” This method born in humans and now thriving in machines is enormously helpful to our progress.

Pattern Recognition Basics

Pattern recognition is simple and exactly what it sounds like – the ability to recognize patterns.

Our earliest and simplest understanding of pattern recognition lies in the experiment created by Ivan Pavlov in Russia in 1897. The scientist arranged for several dogs to be fed at the same time a bell was rung. Over time, the dogs would salivate just upon hearing the bell, even if food was not served. This is a type of pattern recognition that is also called “conditioning.”

The dogs recognized the pattern of the food being served when the bell was rung. Thus, they were conditioned to prepare themselves to eat when the bell was run.

Humans have survived and evolved thanks to pattern recognition.

We learned the cycles of seasons, the rising of the sun and the relationship of the moon cycles to the ocean’s tides. We figured out how to hunt and forage. We learned what types of shelters we would need and when it would be safe to migrate.

All of these evolutionary abilities and skills were developed thanks to our abilities to recognize patterns.

Babies learn pattern recognition early, and children thrive in environments with predictable patterns. Pattern recognition is essential to human growth, development, and indeed it would seem happiness.

We like to plan and schedule our days, weeks, months, even years, and have our plans play out as expected. We plan, of course, according to our understanding and recognition of patterns.

Pattern Recognition Intelligence

A smaller segment of the human population seems to have been born with something called pattern recognition intelligence. Others have honed this skill over time with extensive practice. Pattern recognition intelligence, or PRI, is the ability to not only identify but also to understand and leverage patterns in ways that lead to choices that lead to success.

Investors like Warren Buffet and Ray Dalio are two examples of people with pattern recognition intelligence. They can read and predict the economic market in ways that have led to their increased wealth both on the stock market and through investing capital in companies they expect to be successful.

Pattern recognition intelligence is often closely related to strong inductive reasoning, or the ability to draw specific conclusions from general ideas.

Pattern Recognition Test

Today, there are tests a person can take to test their ability to recognize, learn from, and then act on pattern recognition. Evidence has shown us a few interesting things. First, people with autism tend to perform well on pattern recognition tests. They are highly attuned to patterns of all levels, particularly those that tend to go unnoticed in the everyday world. Second, a keen ability to recognize patterns is often closely associated with a high IQ. Third, there are limits to what the human brain is capable of in terms of pattern recognition.

Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning

These limits is where machine learning comes in and helps humans move forward and make progress where they would otherwise be unable to.

Machine learning occurs when humans design systems using computer technology that allows a machine to take information in and then move forward with that information, applying the original data or logic to new situations, “learning” as it goes. New information is then stored and applied to future situations. Essentially, this process is one of high pattern recognition.

Machine learning can be done through supervised classification, where a human establishes a computer algorithm and that computer then recognizes patterns based on data that has been predefined.

It can also be done without supervision, where the established algorithm continues to learn independent of human input, identifying correlations and data patterns to classify the data.

Both of these types of machine learning can be applied in useful ways across industries today.

We know that big data is used in marketing and commerce to help businesses better recognize and understand their target audience and deliver what their niche clientele wants. On the flip side, we know that big data has been used by social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to not only recognize human desire but also to influence it.

In this way, we understand machine learning and pattern recognition to be a powerful tool that can be both helpful and harmful, depending on the end user.

High Pattern Recognition Software

In the realms of the hard sciences, high pattern recognition software has been designed to aid scientists within lab work today, identifying lab cultures, bacteria, insects, plot points, and so much more.

The world of image analysis has only grown thanks to high pattern recognition software, and businesses that employ these softwares not only save money on labor but also save time, energy, and money by eliminating human error.

High pattern recognition software, at its best, doesn’t replace humans, it does what we can’t do, and it allows us to go farther and make more strides in cutting edge technologies than we would be able to without it.

Summing It All Up

What began as an innate human ability that allowed us to survive, evolve, and thrive, is now a technology that pushes us to go beyond our own limits. The benefits of pattern recognition have become aspects of the foundation of modern society it would be seemingly impossible to live without. High pattern recognition software can take us places heretofore unimaginable.

The Oculyze image analysis technology combines methodical pattern recognition with artificial intelligence and deep learning, allowing us to develop more robust systems with less data than with deep learning alone.

With our Image Analysis Platform, you can save hundreds of hours of work that would have gone into manual labor. Image analysis automation provides you with accurate results and secure data management in less time, so you can save your resources for something that brings more value to your business.

Let artificial intelligence do the hard work for you. Start saving time and costs now! Want to know more? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help!


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