Fermentation Wine Assistant

If the fermentation assistant function is turned on and activated for your account, warning messages appear when fermentation problems occur:

  • Insufficient yeast growth – The reproduction of your yeast at the start of the fermentation is not sufficient.
  • Fermentation might get stuck in a couple of days – The yeast values (viability) indicate, that your fermentation will probably not proceed optimally in the next few days.
  • Sluggish fermentation – The fermentation (rate of sugar consumption) is too slow.
  • The yeast concentration is declining too quickly – If the yeast concentration drops too quickly, this indicates that the population is dying.

The following information may also appear:

  • Viability can no longer be accurately determined – The viability values at the end of fermentation are probably unreliable.

Deactivating / activating individual measurements can influence the fermentation assistant function, as the monitored fermentation graph is affected.

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