Monitoring Uterine Health (MUH)

Oculyze Monitoring Uterine Health is a quick & easy tool to detect subclinical or cytological Endometritis through automatically identifying inflammatory cells (PMNs). Turn your smartphone or tablet into a powerful on-farm lab by simply connecting it to the Oculyze mobile fluorescence microscope.

Oculyze MUH - detect subclinical or cytological Endometritis


Oculyze Monitoring Uterine Health - Inflammatory cell detection

Inflammatory cell detection

The Monitoring Uterine Health (MUH) system is counting and classifying mucosal- and polymorph nucleus cells (PMN) in your samples.

The results consist of the total number of cells, the amount of inflammatory cells (PMNs) and the relation between the two (%).

With the results you will be able to quickly detect cows who suffer from subclinical or cytological endometritis to implement adequate measures.

Oculyze Monitoring Uterine Health - Fully automated documentation

Fully automated documentation

In the Monitoring Uterine Health (MUH) app you can add custom tags such as ear tag numbers and comments to your analyses. This helps you structure and sort your results and support your workflows in the best way possible.

The entire documentation will be generated automatically and uploaded to our cloud system. This enables you to get access to your complete history of analyses via the mobile app or even with our web app at any time, from anywhere.

Using our web app will also allow you to export all your data in a CSV file or generate custom reports as a PDF document.

Oculyze Monitoring Uterine Health - Reliable results, every time

Reliable results, every time

The Monitoring Uterine Health (MUH) app has built in tools which make it easy to use with minimal training. The actual analysis is made by an algorithm and 100% reproducible no matter who is using the device.

Our sharpness indicator and brightness controller helps you to capture sharp and contrasting images for the PMN analysis even if you have never handled a microscope before.

The app will also give you a warning if it detects any inconsistencies during the analysis due to unfit samples.

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