Monitoring Uterine Health (MUH)

Oculyze Monitoring Uterine Health is a quick & easy tool to detect subclinical or cytological Endometritis through automatically identifying inflammatory cells (PMNs). Turn your smartphone or tablet into a powerful on-farm lab by simply connecting it to the Oculyze mobile fluorescence microscope.

Oculyze MUH - detect subclinical or cytological Endometritis

Initial Setup

  • Installing the Oculyze Monitoring Uterine Health app

    To use the Oculyze BB 2.0 the Oculyze app has to be installed on the compatible mobile device.

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  • App settings for monitoring uterine health

    The settings screen lets you adjust various parameters of the app

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  • Device Compatibility for Oculyze yeast cell microscope

    See which Android mobile devices are compatible with the Oculyze Yeast Cell Counter

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Sample preparation

  • Smear and stain the sample

    In order to determine the viability of the yeast, it must be stained with methylene violet or methylene blue

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  • Recording images for PMN measurements

    Getting the images needed for automatic analysis

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  • Entering sample data for PMN measurements

    Entering information for easier access in history

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  • Sync with server – Cloud communicating with automatic cell counting app

    The Oculyze automated cell counter app synchronizes with the Cloud

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  • Displaying the results of the PMN evaluation

    After cloud analysis has completed, the results for the PMN analysis are displayed

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  • Overview of previous image analysis results

    The result history shows all previous measurements

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More Information

External camera

  • Setting up the external camera with a yeast cell microscope

    Learn how to connect the external camera to your existing yeast cell microscope

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  • Sample measurement with an external camera

    Preparation for measurement

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Web App

  • Login page of the web app for monitoring uterine health

    All completed measurements can be accessed via the web app

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  • Main page of the monitoring uterine health web app

    The main page of the web app lists all completed single measurements of the PMN evaluation

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  • Overview of single measurements in the PMN evaluation

    Review all information of single measurements for automatic image analysis

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  • Problems during Login

    What can you do if the login doesn’t work and how to change your password

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  • Problems during analysis

    Quick guidance with issues during analysis

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  • Oculyze mobile app shutting down

    Find out which possible different reasons can cause the mobile yeast cell counter app to crash and how to quickly get it back up

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  • Support

    If you continue to encounter problems, please contact Oculyze at

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Safety, Compliance, and Disposal

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