Main Page of the fermentation wine app

After a successful login, the main page opens.

The following lists can be accessed in the main part:

  • Ongoing Fermentations – Opens a new page that lists all fermentations that have not yet been finalized with the app and new measurements can be added (see Ongoing and Completed Fermentations).
  • Completed Fermentations – Opens a new page that lists all of the finalized fermentations (see Ongoing and Completed Fermentations).
  • Single Measurements – Opens a new page that lists all completed individual measurements (see Overview of Single Measurements).

The head section gives you access to the following functions:

  • Support – Opens a window to send us a message.
  • Tutorial – Currently under construction
  • Block with Username, License details and a button for Logout – The license details under “Coins” show how many measurements are still possible and under “Expires” when the license becomes invalid. If you have purchased individual measurements, the information under “Coins” applies. For flat rate customers the information under “Expires” applies. Use the “Logout” button to log your user out and return to the Login Page.
  • Buttons to switch between English and German language
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