Displaying the results of the PMN evaluation

After cloud analysis has completed, a results screen is loaded. This is divided into:

  • Sample name
  • Details – Shows and hides information about dilution, date, sugar content & temperature
  • Proportion of PMNs [%] (light blue or red circle ) – Indicates the calculated proportion of PMNs in relation to the total number of cells in %. As soon as the value is above 5%, subclinical endometritis is present and the result is shown in red.
  • Cell number (dark blue circle ) – Indicates the number of all cells that were included in the analysis.
    To determine a statistically relevant PMN content of a sample, at least 200 cells should be evaluated.
  • Comment – Displays entered comments.
  • Result images – To check the image analysis, these can be enlarged by clicking.

Explanation for the result pictures

As shown in the image below, detected cells are surrounded by a colored box. A distinction is made as follows:

  • Green box – Epithelial cells
  • Red box – Polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMN)
  • Yellow box – A detected cell that cannot be classified due to an unclear morphology. These cells are not included in the cell count and the calculations of the PMN percentage.

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