App settings for monitoring uterine health

The menu symbol with the three small horizontal lines on the start screen gives you access to the app settings screen. The settings screen lets you adjust various parameters of the app:

  • Switch between languages
  • On / Off switch for the sharpness indicator which is visible during the image taking process on the bottom left hand side. When the sharpness indicator is on, an indicated number in a circle will be shown at the bottom left-hand side of the screen. This shows in real time how high the sharpness level of that particular image is. The sharpness indicator values will change through the turning of the focus knob. When you reach the highest possible value, the image has reached an optimal level of sharpness and a photo can be taken. Since the sharpness indicator is influenced by the number of cells within each image, it’s important to reach the highest value indicated for each image, not based on a specific value each time. (i.e. one image might have the highest value on the sharpness indicator at 2300 and another only 50, use the highest value for each image).
  • Switch for different MUH devices and an external microscope camera
    • Please check the serial number to find out which MUH device you are using.
    • The external microscope camera makes it possible to use the automated analysis with a conventional lab microscope. Please see External Camera for a detailed explanation.
  • View Legal Notes
  • View Privacy Policy
  • Logout from the App
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